Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Imagine w/ Harry Styles & I

Here is an Imagine a girl wrote me for me and Harry on G+, Its long and cute... but sort of awkward lol.

Imagine this .. 
The day had come. Today you were giving birth two the twins you were having with Harry. You were intense pain, Harry did everything possible to help you get through this safely and painless as possible. Sometimes you would grab his hand so tightly that it turned white and his face would turn red. "Love, are you sure your okay?" "Yea Harry.. I'm Fine" You would say with a squinting red face. The pain was intense but you didn't want Harry to worry to much. The contraction stopped. You stood up and went to the kitchen to get something for your cravings. Suddenly black out you hear a faint voice it was Harrys he was super worried "Cassie can you hear me??  LOVE! DON'T LEAVE ME!!" His voice was slipping away, your eye sight was fading away. You woke up, not knowing where you were you moved and groaned, you see Harry there crying "Harry .. Love why are you crying" "Because I .. I didn't know if you were going to make it" "O, love why wouldn't I make it?" The doctor walks in "Cassie You're awake! That's good! Because we needed to put some shots in to make the pain more bearable for you" "O gosh alright" You grab Harry's hand you were deathly afraid of the needles. Harry knew it stood up and sat on the bed with you. You feel a sting at the bottom of your back "OW! O that hurts! Ow ow ow ow ow!" "Cassie It's alright". Harry has a worried face. You tell him your okay and that you will be fine. He sits down, about 2 hours later you have an intense pain. Harry called in the doctor. "Whats going on" "O .. ow.. I think.. I think.. That they are ready" The doctor immediately calls in nurses to come and help. The doctor was giving you instructions " Okay I need you to lean back and open your legs" You do so.. Sweating and hurting, Harry rushes to your side and helps you he tells you to breath in slowly and relax. You grab his hand. You were in pain the expression on your face would tell it all.  Harry was there trying his best but your yells would over power his words of comfort. "Okay now I need you to push and count to ten" You do so it seemed for ever finally the first child came out a boy, Harry started smiling and crying tears of joy. The doctor says "Okay I need you to do it again" You do so again, again everything seemed to be taking for ever and the second cry comes "A GIRL!" Harry smiles and wipes away the tears. You relax and smile everything was over. Harry kisses you. They sat you up just slightly to hold one of the babies. Harry quickly handles the boy and gives him to you and looks at your face and kisses your forehead. He quickly goes to get the little girl. He brings her close to you for you to see her "O Cassie You did it!!! We now have our babies!" "Harry I couldn't have done it with out you!" He smiles and you get your picture taken. The nurses come and takes the babies to a separate room. Harry and you were deciding the babies' names the girl was named Darcy Marie Styles, and the boy was named Louis Edward Styles. Harry would not stop smiling all day he would not stop kissing you of course you were fine with it. Laughing and crying and all. The rest of the boys come over to see the babies. All of them were now "Uncles" They each smiled and couldn't stop looking at the babies. One even smiled of course which made Uncle Louie go crazier than before. They took pictures and quickly posted it to everything Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook etc. You and Harry were now the happy parents of two wonderful, beautiful, adorable children, which had Harry's curly hair and his eye color, your eye shape and lips, and a combination of your nose. They were the best thing in your life besides Harry. You and Harry could not wait to raise the twins together.

THE END !! <3 xx

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